Washing Equipment BC Series

The BC washing classifier is used for washing sand to produce fine grained sand of best quality. The BC washing classifier has well developed structure, for efficient washing action provided with long spirals and heavy dewatering bucket wheel provides efficient washing, classification and dewatering. Better quality sand (without impurities or other chemicals trapped in crushing) is produced by effective washing of crushed sand.The slow running of the BC washing classifier requires less power drive incurring less maintenance and running cost. The slow drive, causing slow rotation, proves to be advantageous for heavy washing, thereby generating a product of best quality. The BC classifier structure allows proper intake and discharge without leakage of materials in and out of the classifier thereby increasing productivity.


The BC washing classifier is used mainly for purification of materials to improve the quality of the material. The BC washing classifier has proved its performance in quarrying and gravel industries for best quality sand. Thus application of the BC washing classifier improves the quality of sand to an extent where the construction specification meets their mark. The best quality sand are produced by reduced cost and less running time.


The service support teams are ready for customers for any replacements of wear parts. The services include replacement of wear parts safely and efficiently and also evaluate the wear of other machine parts for better maintenance. Our service team assists our customers for better options of crushing and maintenance of the existing parts. It has been proved that better maintenance of the machine reduce downtime and increase profitability.

Bucket wheel classifier with dewatering

Bucket wheel classifier with dewatering is the machine which gives sand product from dewatering screen after washing. The BCD series washing classifier give better quality sand than any other washing equipment. Effective and slow washing increases product quality. The BCD series washing classifier have three variants according to their capacities. Even though it is a slow washing process the product quality from dewatering screen gives best result. The slow running spirals with high capacity rotating buckets gives improved productivity. The BCD series classifier needs less driving power for high productivity with minimum maintenance cost.

BCD-Series Classifier Features

The BCD series water classifier has extremely less running cost and improved production. The heavy and rugged construction makes the water classifier compact which requires less space for installation. This is a machine with more productivity and less power consumption. 


The BCD series water classifier is highly economical. This classifier consumes less power for running which reduce total running cost of the customers. Less cost installation with improved quality products benefits the customer to increase the profit.


The BCD series water classifier runs at less power. Less power motor is used for driving the BCD series water classifier for slow rotation of the dewatering wheel and spirals. This reduces the initial cost of the classifier, and less power consumption reduces total running cost. Less power motor and slow running are both safety features of the BCD series water classifier.


The dewatering screen is driven by electric unbalanced motors which are highly efficient to produce vibrations for continuous flow of materials. Bidirectional rotation of counterweights of two vibromotors produces better performance of dewatering. Highly efficient vibromotors result in effective dewatering which improves product quality. Thus higher productivity is obtained within less working time.


The speed of the motor is reduced by a highly efficient heavy and rugged planetary gear box system which has less maintenance. The compactness of this system makes the drive of the classifier simple and efficient. This gear box has a long life span and less downtime. Accurate speed of the spiral improves the classification and dewatering bucket rotation causes more products to be transported thereby increasing productivity.