High Performance Screens

We offer a wide range of screens for our customers. The VS screens are capable to serve in a variety of applications according to our customer requirements and application areas. The VS screens are all inclined screens that have been showing effective stratification than other screens in different application areas. The VS screens have a simple, rugged and compact design. This type of design makes the VS screens suitable for any conditions.


The VS screens are designed inclined due to proven effectiveness of its structure. The VS screens are available in different decks mainly 2,3 and 4 decks. Application has shown that upto 4 decks yield good quality products. The VS screen decks are build in tubular structure which makes it a rugged structure capable of varying loads. The VS screens are designed for different screen media like wire mesh, urethane, tensioning rubber, etc. These screens are developed with a huck bolted frame for strong support. Two vibrators connected to each other by cardan shaft provide sufficient vibrations. The V-belt pulley and motor connection to the vibrators provide efficient rotary motion. Efficient damping system prevents VS screens from vigorous vibrations at starting and stopping.


The VS screens have a well-developed design structure for better efficiency. The VS screens are of robust structure with rugged decks and well-designed side plates. These are designed for longer service life in industrial applications.


The VS screens are structured with two side plates and deck system. There are no welding joints provided on side plates to provide strong side plates. The side plate consists of a three layer plate system at vibrator holes. The three layer plate system provide appropriate strength for side plate from shearing during vibrations. A properly stress relieved side plates are designed for vibrating screens.

A tubular arrangement of deck system adopted for the VS screens provide a rugged structure which are normally adopted for larger screens. A protective rubber liner is placed for protection of tubular structure from screening materials. Screen plate has a considerable height above the upper deck for easier flow of materials.

An additional frame with a pivoted motor base frame provide better support for motor and better pulley alignment for proper working of the VS screen.


Huck bolting has been proved stronger interlock than any other locking system. Side plate and deck of VS screens are huck bolted to each other. Huck bolting structure forms the screens to acquire a box type construction with high strength. The feed tray is also huck bolted to the side plate for better strength. This construction completes the screen assembly with a strong rigid structure. Huck bolt cannot be loosened; it can be only removed by cutting or with proper tooling.


A feed tray huck bolted to the top of the side plate increases the efficiency of screening. Feed tray is provided with liners for receiving impact shock from feeding material and to reduce wear due to material flow. Feed tray distributes the feed materials uniformly through the screen by improving the efficiency of screening. Uniform distribution of feed materials through screen media reduces media wear thus increasing maintenance interval and thereby reducing the maintenance cost to the customers.


The screening media is tensioned by long bolts and washers. This kind of tensioning has also an advantage of quick screen media changes. This tensioning method can be used for different kinds of screen media like wire mesh media, urethane media and rubber media. They are provided with appropriate media tensioning system for better fixture and media replacement.