Fine screens are designed for fine screening of materials with improved production capacities. Fine screens gives better productive sizing than any other conventional screens due to better stratification of materials resulting from direct vibrations of screening media.

Hailstone fine screens are well developed in structure for better screening efficiency. Fine screens are available in 2 deck configuration which has proved better performance in market. It can be provided in more decks as our customer requirements. Fine screens have shown better performance in gravel industries.

Screening angle range is provided for fine screens for better screening efficiency. The screening efficiency depends on the screening material property. According to different material different screening angle are provided for proper and accurate screening, resulting in better productivity.

Fine screens are designed for better performance screening. Fine screens are also developed for application areas where classification cannot be performed. Fine screens give products of same quality of wet classification product after screening. Fine screens act as an alternative to wet classification which makes it applicable to areas with scarcity of water.