Hoppers are used to collect the rocks. Hailstone solutions make 3 types hoppers for different types of uses in the crusher.

  • Primary Hopper
  • Surge Hopper
  • Storage Hopper

Primary Hopper

Primary hoppers are used for collecting huge rock parts & feed them in to the jaw crusher through grizzly feeder. it can transfer rock parts up to 600mm.

Effective capacity is 47cub.m.

It is easy to easy to erect. Rock box design includes hardox liner plate with grizzly feeder skid & fine collection chute. 20mm dia. chains hold the hopper for protection.

Surge Hopper

They are secondary hoppers and are used for collecting medium rock parts up to 40mm & feed them in to cone crusher through pan feeder.

Effective capacity is 21cub.m. 

It has rock liner. No liner plate is included with pan feeder and chute is made up of MS metal.

Storage Hopper

It can store different types of products coming from the screens after the screening.

Effective capacity is 120cub.m

It has shutter which helps to load material easily & directly to the vehicle. it can hold vibrating screen. The screen is placed above the hopper.