Fine Screening

Fine screens are designed for fine screening of materials with improved production capacities. Fine screens give better productive sizing than any other conventional screens due to better stratification of materials resulting from direct vibrations of screening media.

Hailstone fine screens are well developed in structure for better screening efficiency. Fine screens are available in 2 deck configuration which has proven performance in market. It can be provided in more decks as per customer requirements.

Screening angle range is provided for better screening. According to material property screening angles are provided for proper and effective screening, resulting better productivity.

Fine screens are developed for application areas where wet classification cannot be performed, also giving same quality products. Thus it acts as a best alternative to wet classification making it applicable to areas which have scarcity of water.


Fine screen have some features which makes it different from conventional screens. Proper bifurcation of frequency is provided to avoid structural cracks while running at critical speed.

The fine screens are designed for better screening in such a way that the structural supports for fine screens are less in weight thereby reducing installation cost. Fine screens have a vibrating screening media and static body frame resulting in better productivity and efficiency. The screening media are alone vibrated with lesser amplitude and higher frequency which reduce wear on screening media thus increasing screening media maintenance interval. The vibrations from vibromotors are consequent, thereby avoiding uneven vibrations resulting in better media life and screening.


Fine screen vibrations are provided by vibromotors. Electric drive vibromotors provide effective vibrations to screening media for better screening efficiency. Two vibromotors are placed at each deck which gives appropriate vibrations for screening media which increases the rate of screening. Directly induced vibrations on screen media increases stratification and separation of materials increases efficiency. The direct induced vibrations make better screening than any other conventional screens. The vibromotors are rotated in high speed(3600 rpm) to enable better screening action at appropriate inclination angle. The inclination angle can be adjusted for better screening action, depending on the material properties.


A rotary tensioning system is adopted for better screen media tensioning. This system allows quicker installation and removal of screen media. A single rotary system is adopted for each screen section for easy replacement of each screen. Easy replacement of screen section reduces equipment downtime, resulting in increased operation hours. The tensioning systems are capable of holding the media in position even at high frequency vibrations which is an advantage for better operation and high productivity of equipment.


The fine screen has a structural frame which can be easily installed at sites. It has a modular structure support for faster installation and operation. The inclined angle of screen is high in fine screen for faster motion of materials. The inclination angle can be varied easily by hydraulic lift support. The hydraulic assistance helps in easy angle changes and installation easier at appropriate angles.


The fine screen machine is a equipment which can be easily maintained. The wearing parts are very less in fine screen, which results in longer maintenance period. The main wear part is the screening media which can be easily replaced by the tensioning system that reduces machine downtime and increases operational time for higher productivity.

The feed material property affects the productivity range and this can be adjusted by changing the inclination angle of the screen. This is an easy purpose which can be done by the hydraulic lifter by our service guidance. Our service teams are ready for any maintenance activities which accounts for less downtime and better productivity.

Altogether proper servicing and less maintenance costs elevates the equipment quality in applicable industries.


The fine screen is dust protected by proper covering at top. The top cover provides dust entraption and also provides better working environment. Inspection of the fine screen can be easily done during working hours due to dust suppression cover. Easy sliding cover makes inspection and maintenance of covered parts easier. The dust cover is given provided with a mechanism for easier sliding during inspection and can be easily removed for wire mesh replacements.