Hailstone provides mainly two types of feeders for worldwide applications. Hailstone feeders can be adapted for mining and aggregate industries which has proven performances. Primary, secondary or tertiary feeding is possible in Hailstone feeders. Proper inclination of the feeders allows proper feeding of the material to the crushers. Hailstone feeders are powered with electric unbalanced vibrating mechanism with two vibro motors.

Proper feeding to the crushers improves crushing productivity. Proper scalping action by grizzly gives improved crushing action in primary crushers. Hailstone feeders are provided with strong structures which are capable of high load bearing capacity and impact strength. Loading of material from heavy trucks for primary feeding induces large impact of the feeder structure which is insensitive to hailstone feeders. Varying load has no impact on feeders.

Proper wear protection parts are provided for feeders which increases the product life. Wear parts can be easily replaced for better performance and the machine parts are generally safe and well protected. The feeders provide less noise and long maintenance period which would favour our customers by lowest running costs.

Pan Feeders

Pan feeders are horizontal feeding equipment’s used for feeding secondary and tertiary crushers. The pan feeder gives better feed control than any other feeding system. Pan feeders are installed for high capacity feeding for better crusher productivity. The total installation cost of pan feeder is comparatively low which reduces installation cost of the total plant.


Pan feeders have a compact structure with a stress relieved frame. They are provided with high side walls to prevent spillage of materials while feeding, making the pan feeder designs more compact and simple. The pan feeders are designed at an inclination of 5° that can also be adjusted according to customer requirements. The simple feed chute structure makes efficient feeding to improve crushing efficiency.

High Performance

Pan feeders are driven by two unbalanced motors which has proven high efficient performance of feeding. The unbalanced motors are placed at sides of the pan feeder body for efficient feeding. The two unbalanced motors rotate in opposite direction which provides linear motion of feeder thereby increasing the efficiency of the feeder. Unbalanced motor settings provide increased and decreased feeding to the crusher. Adjustment can be either done by appropriate positioning of weights in the unbalanced motors which adjusts the amplitude for proper feeding. The feed rate can be optionally controlled by a frequency converter to control feed during operation for maximizing feed rate regulation.

Wear Protection

Pan feeder is a machine which has maximum wear due to movement of all feeding material through it. Thus pan feeder is well protected by replaceable liners which are counter bolted for easy replacement. The proper liner replacement increase product life and improves productivity by proper feed. The electric unbalanced motor has less maintenance thereby increasing the productivity.


A range of pan feeders are available for our customers according to the capacity to be fed. Hailstone pan feeder can be used in any kind of environment and they are user friendly with less maintenance. Adjustable nature of pan feeder is an advantage which makes it applicable in any industries. Efficient feeding of pan feeder makes it applicable for secondary and tertiary feeding in gravel and aggregate industries. Pan feeders have also found its application in waste recycling plants. Variable speed control of feed makes it applicable for best feeding to crushers of variable capacities. These are also ideal for installation in surge tunnel, surge bin or feeding station applications.