Excellent Performance Crusher

We have been improving design on VSI for years as per our customer requirements. The customer satisfaction is our objective on product development. Our research and development activities have resulted in a well-shaped autogenous crusher. The EP series VSI crusher is a 3rd or 4th stage crusher. Our Vertical Shaft Impact crusher (VSI) is working based on the rock on rock crushing which is proven in market.

VSI Specialty

The main advantage of the EP series VSI is rock on rock crushing technology. This technology development has led the VSI to adapt worldwide. The rock on rock crushing has found to be effective in all mineral processing industries. Increased rotor efficiency has led to more compact crushing with less power input. The cascade feed in VSI crusher with accelerated rotor feed produces an improved crushing in the crushing chamber. Due to the rock on rock crushing technology replacement of wear parts are minimum which improves productivity and reduces further investment.

Competitive Price

Price of the EP series VSI is low compared to the conventional crushing machines or other VSI crushers. Low wear parts replacement and lesser service maintenance reduces the customer investments.

High Quality Product

With proper feeding to VSI the productivity increases and good quality of products is obtained. Proper feeding makes proper rock on rock crushing with good yield of product.

Easy Installation

The EP series VSI has been designed with ease of installation as a factor. The EP series VSI can be installed easily by simple support structure due to less weight of the equipment. Compact construction makes easy transportation and installation of the EP series VSI

Product Range

The EP Series VSI has been proved in quarrying and mineral industries, chemical industries, cement industry, recycling industries, etc. Effective production is guaranteed by the EP series VSI in all industrial applications. Since it is working on the VSI crushing is found most profitable in many industries.

Low Cost

The EP Series VSI is so friendly to use and looks into profit of all customers. Low cost VSI are developed by Hailstone without affecting the quality of the product. Developments in VSI led to the innovation of a user friendly and effective VSI. The EP series VSI is more efficient and productive with less cost, less service time, less down time. Improving productivity with less downtime proves the efficiency of the EP Series VSI.

Excellent Crushability

The rock on rock collision improves crushability of VSI. The rotor in VSI accelerates the incoming material to increase the momentum of rock which results in proper crushing inside the crushing chamber. The improved crushing facilitates best products from the EP series VSI. The rock on rock crushing resulted in better shaped products than any other crushing methods.