The Perfect Primary Crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the perfect primary crushing equipment in mineral industries. Our knowledge and experience in the mineral processing industries have led to the innovation of jaw crusher. The application of jaw crusher in mineral processing industries is inevitable and have been the first choice of customers due to its performance in primary crushing. The customer needs and expectations for better productivity was the main motive for the development of the jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher is designed with a non-welded frame for better strength with reduced shearing effect. This type of construction makes easy assembling of crusher with bolted or pinned joints. Well-designed side plates, pitman assembly and safety guards makes the jaw crusher a simple and efficient crusher. The safety guards are specially designed for better safety and strength, and also provided with a mechanism for easy opening and closing during maintenance.

Improved Motor Foundation

Hailstone jaw crusher has a well-designed motor foundation, contributing to the compactness of the machine. Many jaw crushers have a separate motor frame, which require large belt length drive and external support for installation. The improved design of the jaw crusher motor foundation helps to reduce installation cost and belt alignment problems.

Compact Structure

The improved motor foundation is supported to the main structure occupy less space, improving compactness of the machine. The compact structure of the machine reduces total weight of the machine which reduces installation costs.

Reduced Belt Length

The design of jaw crusher motor foundation provides an advantage of reduced belt length. The shorter length belt provides efficient power transfer and belt tensioning.

Adjustable Motor Base

The motor foundation of Hailstone jaw crusher consists of a sliding motor base. The motor can be easily adjusted for proper belt tensioning. Belt tensioning can be easily done by screw adjusting system better than any other system which reduces maintenance.