Belt conveyors are used to carry load of bulk material along horizontal or inclined paths. They also carry light weight material from one spot of operation to another. They can be called the most commonly used conveying equipments. We manufacture various types of belt conveyors that are capable of carrying high load to high extent of inclinations. Using Hailstone Conveyors 50TPH – 300TPH material can be transferred. Belts are of 4 types according to the width, 500mm, 650mm, 800mm, and 1000mm.

Length is 6- 30m for each type.

Specific features:

  • Sturdy solid framework
  • Standard range of modules (can be customized on the clients request)
  • High density conical end rollers
  • Vulcanized belt joints
  • Positive belt guiding system
  • Produce Low noise
  • The entire structure can be assembled or disassembled very easily


Carrying roller: Used to carry material from one place to another.

Impact roller: It has rubber liner. When the stones from the chute fall on the rollers rubber liner is placed to reduce the impact to the roller.

Return roller: After conveying the material when the belt returns back to the starting point, it may get loosened. To reduce this, return rollers are placed.

Belt cleaners

Plough cleaner

Plough cleaner is fitted between the belt and the drum. It is used to avoid stones falling to the return screen. If by chance stones fall to the return belt, plough cleaner diverts their direction before reaching the drum. It is fitted between the two belts (the main belt and the return belt) just near to tail drum. It is made up of poly urethane.


It is placed just near the head drum to clean the belt. There will be debris on the belt after conveying the material. Water is sprinkled on the stones to reduce the dust. Debris can form due to this and also due to rain. Scrapper removes this. It is made up of poly urethane.

Safety and Control Devices

Junction Box

Current distributed to motor of belt conveyor from main supply from the junction box.

Pull  Cord Switch

It is used to ON/OFF conveyor. It is helpful to stop only one conveyor in a system in case of emergency.

Drive Unit

Head Drum

It is the main part of the drive unit consisting of motor and gear-box unit. This unit is designed for the ease of maintenance. A gear box motor is attached with this system having specifications 22kW, 5.5kW and 11kW.

A suitably designed Torque Arm is used to restrict the position of motor while running and on stopping.